Our group of skiers and coaches wrapping up a successful 2024 season.

As a parent, I thoroughly enjoyed the heartwarming welcome the entire jackrabbits group provided our family.   We felt part of the group from day one.


Thank you to all the parents and coaches for organizing this fun group.  I really enjoyed getting to know the others in my group!


As a coach, guiding young skiers in the art of cross-country skiing is both a privilege and a responsibility. Let me share with you the profound value and virtues that emerge from this endeavor: Physical Fitness, connection with nature, confidence and independence, teamwork and resilience.

-Chris F- Coach-

As an assistant skiing coach and early childhood educator, one of my favorite activities is taking children outdoors to explore the environment. I am always impressed by their resilience and curiosity as they play and train in extreme weather conditions. Playing as they ski with others helps them learn and motivates them to achieve new challenges, build endurance, and expand their physical literacy. Every session helps them develop important social-emotional skills such as self-management, self-awareness, decision-making, empathy, and communication. Engaging in risky opportunities as a group helps children expand their abilities to assess hazards, strengthen self-confidence, and expand executive functions. After some sessions, they learn to evaluate the environment and conditions, showing more assertive and safe behaviors, respect for others, and appreciation for nature. Cross-country skiing as an outdoor sport practiced in a family community-based club fuels children’s development holistically. If you are looking for a great club that fosters children’s growth, I highly recommend Jackrabbits Cross Country Ski Club.

-Angela S (BSc. Psych. ECE)-Assistant coach-