Base Family Membership Fee

$75 (per family): A one-time annual fee to join the club. This fee covers all family members and includes $22 in non-refundable Nordiq Alberta & Canada membership fees.

Additional Per Child Fees

  • $80 -Program Price (per child): This fee is for the program or activity itself and is charged for each child participating.
  • $290 – Maximum Charges (max per family): No matter how many children you enroll, the maximum total cost per family will not exceed $290.

Refund Policy – No refunds Please note that we are a volunteer-run organization, and as such, we are unable to offer refunds for any reason.

Season Overview

This club meets on Sundays at noon only.  The season starts in January 7th, 2024  and ends in March 10th, 2024 for a total of 10 Sundays. No lesson Sunday, February for the family day long weekend. Some of the locations include Canmore Nordic Centre, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park (primary location) and Banff.

2024 Opening day

The 2024 season starts on Sunday, January 7th, with a possible community potluck to kick off the season.  Location and details will follow to registered members.

Start Time

Each session begins at 12:00 pm and goes to 2:00pm. We ask that children are ready to go in full gear by 12:00. If you are late, you are responsible for either ensuring your child catches up with their group or skiing with your child that day. It is imperative that children are not left unsupervised on ski trails.


All communication internal to the club is typically done via email. An email will be sent by Saturday evening to remind members which skiing venue we will enjoy on Sunday, and share any other relevant information, such as changes due to weather or location conditions.


If you are unable to attend on any given Sunday, you are asked to contact your Group Leader (coach) via email. This will allow the coach to adjust the days plan if necessary.

Group Formats

One parent must ski with each child in the Bunny Group. Group/Assistant Leaders may ask parents of older children to ski with the group occasionally. If you are not asked to ski with a group, then you are encouraged to meet someone new and enjoy your own 2 hour ski! Children tend to ski with kids the same age and ability level, however, please keep in mind there may be some group shuffling from time to time to ensure your child is getting the instruction and challenge they require.

Hydration, Nutrition and How to Carry Them

On our schedule most venues have warming huts, some are without warming huts. Skiers need to be dressed in layers for the appropriate weather. We strongly encourage each skier to bring water, a nutritious snack, sunglasses and an extra pair of mitts/gloves. Water can we carried in a variety of ways. We encourage you to have a few ‘dry runs’ to determine how water and snacks will be transported prior to the first day.

Temperature Cut-Offs

The official cut off for skiing is -20 including wind chill. Cancellations will be emailed. There are times it is warmer in the mountains than in Calgary so please check Environment Canada for the most current weather information.