Coaches Corner

All coaches at Rocky Mountain Jack Rabbits are certified though the National Coaching Certificate Program. This is a program designed and sponsored with Nordiq Canada.

Quick links for:

  1. Nordiq Alberta Coaching Development for Cross-Country Skiing
  2. Coaches Association of Canada

Through this program our kids are ensured a consistent and high level of cross country coaching on every outing. The coaching provides our children with an ethical and fun context to excellent skiing skills development.

Our coaches and coaching leader are also parents of club children. This means that the coaches are highly engaged with club and the kids we lead. It’s also a great opportunity for parents. If you choose to be an Assistant Coach or Coach, the training is provided by the club. Not only is this a great way to contribute to the club, but you will learn a lot about the physical development of your children, and how to best support that in a fun, social setting. Oh, you may even pick up a few new skiing skills of your own!