Kananaskis Trail Grooming

Yesterday (October 30th), Alberta Parks announced that they will be partnering with Nordiq Alberta (formerly Cross Country Alberta) who will take care of trail maintenance, grooming, and track setting throughout Kananaskis this coming season.

Details can be found at the following website:


The program will be based on users purchasing parking passes (day or annual) to help fund Nordiq Alberta’s efforts. The day passes are $10 and an annual pass is $50. For anyone joining our club for this year, I urge you to support Nordiq Alberta with the purchase of the annual pass (we will be skiing in Kananaskis more than 5 times).

Nordiq Alberta is also looking for volunteers to verify passes and share information about the program. If you are able to, this is an excellent opportunity to support our community.

I want to thank Nordiq Alberta for all of their work in making this happen. It likely wasn’t easy, but their support of our sport in Alberta is amazing. Thank you.

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