2021 Season – Registration

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Registration for the 2021 Season will be opening for existing members of the Rocky Mountain Jackrabbits Ski Club during the week of October 19th. As usual, previous year’s members will receive an email from the Club with a link to the Zone4 page to register. For new members, registration will likely open in early November, and you will be able to find the link to Zone4 on this website.

For this coming season, our Club has been working through two major challenges: COVID and the Alberta Parks announcement early in 2020 that they will no longer be maintaining or track-setting the trails throughout Kananaskis.

In regards to COVID, Nordiq Alberta has prepared a set of Return to Sport Guidelines that our Club, and all members, will need to abide by. Those guidelines can be found here. In addition to Nordiq Alberta’s guidelines, our Club has developed our own which are more specific to what we do, those can be found on this website here. Please review these guidelines prior to registering so that you understand how this season will be different than previous ones.

Regarding the announced changes to the trail system, we have been in communication with the MLA of Banff / Kananaskis, as well as Nordiq Alberta to see what options there may be for the coming season. Nordiq Alberta has submitted a proposal to Alberta Parks where they would maintain and track set the trails in exchange for being able to accept a user fee. As of the last communication from Nordiq Alberta, they are “cautiously optimistic” that an agreement will be in place. If this is the case, there will be minimal change to our normal season.

However, if there are no plans to track set the trails in Kananaskis our normal schedule will be modified. We will likely visit the Canmore Nordic Centre more often, as well as finding other trails in Banff National Park and/or City golf courses. Ultimately, this scenario will be different from previous years, but we will make the most of it while still staying true to the identity of our Club.

Hopefully, this gives an appropriate update on where we are at for the upcoming season. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.

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